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Rugged Android Tablet Features

Posted By ruggedtablet sumo     September 24, 2019    

All models offer WiFi connectivity, and most have a front-facing webcam and GPS capability.

Screen Size and Shape

Sizes start around 7 inches and get bigger from there. In landscape mode, most tablets have the short, wide shape of a wide-screen TV. The iPad’s display is squarer, similar to a traditional TV’s.

Wireless Connectivity

All tablets offer WiFi connectivity. Most higher-rated tablets also come in a version that can access cellular data networks, including 4G LTE, which typically adds about $10 to your monthly cellphone bill.


Screen resolutions on tablets are getting better, which makes images and text appear sharper. Some iPad models, including the iPad Pro, have an anti-reflective coating that makes them easier to view in bright light.

Operating System

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android dominate when it comes to tablets. There are a smaller number of Windows tablets than in the past, though Microsoft continues to heavily promote its Surface line of devices. A tablet’s capabilities are in large part determined by its operating system. As with computers, being able to upgrade the version installed in the factory makes additional capabilities possible and allows the device to use the newest apps. Having the latest version of the operating system also improves the security of the device.


Storage in many tablets can be expanded using a memory card, and a few can read USB flash drives. The iPad has no memory-card slot, but its $29 Lightning to USB Camera Adapter can accommodate a USB keyboard as well as be used to import photos. New iPad Pros have a USB-C port for directly connecting third-party accessories.

Printing Capability

One way you can print wirelessly from the iPad is via an AirPrint-enabled printer. Most printer manufacturers have apps that allow WiFi printing from iPad and Android tablets. Thinking Rugged Android Tablet ? Let us help. With a complete selection to meet your needs, we can equip your entire team with processing and productivity power. Detail:

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